Real Estate Property Styling Wollongong- Maximise your Profits

Property Styling Wollongong – Maximise your Profits

Working in the real estate styling industry means presenting outstanding homes that buyers fall in love with.  If you are selling your home and interested in property styling Wollongong, below are some useful tips for the DIY home decorator.


Clutter serves as sensory white noise and unsettles potential buyers. It is very common for our property styling team in Wollongong to attend an onsite consultation and our first piece of advice is to declutter. Too often, clients tell us they already have! The tip here for DIY Property styling is don’t declutter once, keep going each day until you create a sense of calm. Remove family photographs, messy fridge magnets, messy wall calendars. The more we can pair back your intimate possessions in the home, the more potential buyers will be able to envisage living in the home. When you pair back your clutter you are able to see more clearly the canvas to prepare your pre sale real estate styling DIY project. For further reading on DIY preparing your home for sale click “read more”